Quad-City DUI Taskforce Nets 12 Arrests

18 January 2011   Sgt. Brandon Bonney
MLK Day quad city DUI taskforce nets 12 arrests


policelights_topOn January 14th, 2011, (23) officers / deputies from the Prescott Valley Police Department, Prescott Police Department, Chino Valley Police Department and the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office conducted a DUI Saturation Patrol.  These saturation patrols are designed to deploy additional officers with the intent of targeting impaired drivers to help keep our roadways safe.  Representatives from (MADD) Mothers Against Drunk Driving were also present in a support role.

A centralized DUI command post was set up in the parking lot of the Sam’s Club to assist in the DUI investigation and booking process, which included two YCSO jail vans for transport.  We appreciate the assistance of Sam’s Club as the space they provided was necessary to provide the centralized processing center.

The results of the patrol were as follows:

139 traffic stops conducted
116 civil and criminal traffic citations issued
10 total DUI arrests, of which 2 were Aggravated DUI, 2 Extreme DUI, 2 Drug evaluations and 4 DUI’s over .08%
Of the 10 DUI arrests, 2 had prior convictions for DUI
4 arrest for underage / minor consumption
6 sober drivers contacted as the designated driver for other drinkers
2 warrant arrests

In addition to these statistics, we did not have any DUI related collisions in the Prescott Valley area.  These patrols are done throughout the year by all of the agencies listed who are dedicated to the safety of our citizenry and reducing the incidents of impaired driving.

These operations are made possible by funding and support provided by Alberto Gutier and the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.  While these types of activities and patrols are designed to take impaired drivers off the street, they need also to serve as a reminder to not drink and drive.  As citizens, we have the ultimate responsibility to keep our roadways safe.  This means communicating with family and friends to discourage impaired driving.  The ultimate goal for the education and enforcement efforts would be that nobody drives impaired by drugs or alcohol.  There are always options to be safe and drinking and driving amounts to a very poor and often selfish decision made by the driver.  For more information please visit www.azgohs.gov

Please call in impaired drivers.  If you can do so safely, call your local police department or 911.