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Congressman Gosar Appointed Vice-Chair of Health Care Subcommittee

18 January 2011  
Congressman Paul Gosar Selected to Serve as the Vice Chairman of the Subcommittee on Health Care, District of Columbia, Census and the National Archives

paulgosarWASHINGTON, DC –U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar, DDS (AZ-01) has been selected to serve as Vice Chairman on the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform’s Subcommittee on Health Care, District of Columbia, Census and the National Archives.

“Dr. Gosar’s experience as a dentist and a small businessman will be a key asset for the subcommittee as it scrutinizes the flaws in our healthcare system and the new healthcare law. I expect him to make key contributions in the effort to revitalize our economy and policies that create real job growth in the private sector,” said Darrell Issa, R-Calif., Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

“I am honored to serve as Vice Chair of this important subcommittee,” said Gosar. “I understand firsthand the difficulties our healthcare providers and small business owners face when it comes to health care. We need a system that is patient centered, not a burdensome policy that creates red-tape and forces small businesses to make the choice between offering health care or hiring more employees. When we reform health care the right way, we will not only lower the cost of care, we will improve access.”

The Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has oversight of virtually everything the government does. The Committee is dedicated to exercise effective oversight over the federal government and will work proactively to investigate and expose waste, fraud, and abuse. Gosar is committed to finding the problems that exist and working with the American people to find commonsense solutions. Through his role on the committee, he will continue to work toward bringing better transparency to the federal government and opening up the dialogue between Capitol Hill and Arizonans.

Dr. Paul Gosar is serving his first term in Congress as the Representative to Arizona’s First Congressional District. As a healthcare provider and small business owner, Gosar is focused on bringing jobs back to the district, reforming health care, reining in government spending and ensuring that his constituents are involved in the solution process. For more information, visit his website at www.gosar.house.gov.