Getting Health Care Right: A Second Chance

19 January 2011   Representative Paul Gosar
Congressman Paul Gosar explains why he will vote to repeal the health care law. Now includes video.


Why is Congressman Gosar voting to repeal the Health Care Reform act passed last year by Congress? Here are three separate statements from him on the matter.

On the Floor of the House of Representatives

Here is the text of Gosar's speech given on the floor of the House yesterday:

America is hurting.  But the health care law passed last year did not fix any problems, it will only make things worse.  Small businesses can barely make ends meet and now the federal government is imposing more mandates, more taxes and more red tape.

Enough is enough.

As a health care provider, a small business owner, and a father, I know that the way to provide health care to more individuals and create more jobs is not through government bureaucrats, deficit spending and higher taxes.

Rather, we need to empower our businesses, big and small, to band together to purchase health insurance.  We need open markets with free competition.  We also need to implement real health care reform that will lower the cost of care and open up access.  Tort reform.  Red tape reform.  Preexisting condition reform.  These are reforms that will work—reforms the current law failed to adequately address or ignored altogether.

If we are serious about putting our nation back to work, then we can start by repealing the onerous health care law and work hand-in-hand with the American people to implement true health care reform.

Thank you Mr. Speaker, I yield back the balance of my time.

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From the Congressional Blog on the Hill

Editor's note: Congressman Gosar wrote this on Tuesday for the Congressional Blog on The Hill. The vote to repeal the Health Care bill will take place today, Wednesday, January 19. So, please replace the word, "tomorrow" with "today".

Tomorrow the House will vote to repeal the onerous health care law. This law represents one of the largest government takeovers of a major sector of the economy—health care. Make no mistake, reforms are needed. But the law passed last year, consisting of 2,200 pages that went unread by many members of Congress, creates far more problems than it tried to solve.

As a new Member of Congress, I take this vote very seriously. I am a dentist. My background as a health care provider and small business owner has compelled me to view this law closely and with the first hand knowledge I gained in this area. When I look at a bill, or now, a law that is under review, I look at it as any other person from Main Street America would. First and foremost, we should ask: does this law help the good people of Arizona’s First Congressional District? Second, is it good for the country? The reason I plan on voting for repeal is that the answer to both questions is a resounding “no.”

In this case, the negatives of the onerous health care law far outweigh the positives. I’ve sat chair-side as a dentist for 25 years. I am very familiar with the burdensome red tape the government and insurance companies have imposed on health care professionals and small business owners. What troubles me about this law is that it inserts a bureaucrat between you and your doctor. This law was also passed with little to no input from the American people. The process lacked transparency. That is not a prescription for success.

There is no doubt we need to transform our health care system in America, but there are better ways to do it. First, we need to implement a patient-centered health care system that empowers individuals and focuses on preventative health care. We also need to stop the monopoly held by insurance companies and increase competitiveness. I was one of the dentists that came to Capitol Hill and talked to lawmakers about the importance of repealing the McCarran-Ferguson Act. The House voted to repeal this Act last Congress on a 406-19 vote, but the Senate failed to take it up. As a Member of Congress, I am going to push to ensure that the Act is repealed so that insurance companies are forced to operate on a free-market based system and competition is allowed across state lines.

Finally, we also need to enact real tort reform. If states like California and Texas can pass these reforms, there is no reason that Washington can’t come together to find a bi-partisan solution. Healthcare providers are now forced to practice “defensive medicine,” which skyrockets the cost of care, because health care providers fear that, unless they order the patient to undergo every diagnostic test imaginable, someone might sue.

After I cast my vote tomorrow the real work begins. We need to start passing substantive health care reform that includes things like ensuring patients with pre-existing conditions have coverage. We can find a method that provides coverage options to everyone. We also need to ensure that the health care reforms we implement are just that, real reforms. It’s time to put the patient first, not government bureaucrats. And it is time that we put forward a health care system based on free market reforms so that we can actually lower the cost of care, eliminate defensive medicine due to lawsuit abuse, and increase access.

Rep. Gosar is serving his first term in Congress as the Representative to Arizona’s First Congressional District.


A Letter to His Supporters

Congressman Gosar also sent the following email out to those who supported him during his campaign. It has a slightly different approach, but the premise is the same as above.

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow I will be voting to uphold a pledge that I made to you on the campaign trail- I will cast my vote to repeal the onerous health care law.

As a healthcare provider, I understand that we need health care reform- but we should never compromise real reform for a bill that puts a bureaucrat between you and your doctor. That’s why I believe in YOU and a patient-centered system.

That is why we must repeal the bill in its entirety and then put forward commonsense solutions that will open up access and lower the cost of care.

For example, I am a steadfast believer in opening up competition in the insurance market. Prior to coming to Congress, I went to Capitol Hill and talked with lawmakers about the anti-competitive practices of the insurance industry. We were successful in having the US House of Representatives repeal the McCarran-Ferguson Act on a 406-19 vote. This bill was failed to be brought up in the US Senate. I remain committed to seeing the repeal of the McCarran-Ferguson Act signed into law so that we can stop the monopolies of the healthcare insurance industry and finally open up a fair and free-market based insurance industry.

I also, am working to implement tort reform. When healthcare providers are being sued at every turn, they are forced to practice "defensive medicine" and order test upon test that patients don't need, just so they can't be sued. This has caused healthcare bills to skyrocket. From California to Texas, different states are implementing tort reform. If one of the most liberal states and one of the most conservative states can agree that tort reform is necessary, then we in the federal government can find a solution that works on the national level. No more excuses, no more special interests- just real results.

That is my promise to you. I am working hard to ensure that personal responsibility is restored to Washington. I am working to find solutions to the problems that have plagued Arizonans. Now is the time to put politics aside and stop the political games- we need to work together to bring real results that will turn our country around. When we do that, we strengthen each individual and ensure success for our future generations.


Congressman Paul Gosar, DDS