Threat of Violence at School Leads to Arrest of 1 Student

22 November 2016   Lt. Vince Schaan
Threat of violence at Chino Valley High School

On November 21, 2016 at approx. 10:00 a.m. Chino Valley Police and Chino Valley High School received a report that a male student threated to commit an act of violence at the school. Police were notified by a concerned student’s father, while the mother contacted the school.

During the investigation police and school officials remained vigilant to ensure the safety of the student population on campus and were working diligently to identify students with information on the identity of the student making the threats and to gather factual information rather than speculated information.

Once factual information on the type and manner of threats were located and the identity of the suspect were known he was located in class, on campus, and arrested without incident. No weapons were located on the student, who was removed from campus and transported to the Chino Valley Police Department.

The suspect in this case is a 16 year old male student of Chino Valley High School. The suspect during interviews admitted making threatening statements toward the school although he dismissed them saying he wasn’t serious. At this time the investigation is ongoing and additional interviews and investigative processes are being conducted to gather evidence and information.

We urge any student or parent with information about this matter to contact the Chino Valley Police Department investigators so we can speak to you about information known to you or your child. The Chino Valley Police Department has information that at least one student stayed home from school today due to this threat.

Of course the Chino Valley Police Department would like to remind all parents and students to be vigilant report suspicious behavior and any threatening statements they hear or know about.

The Chino Valley Police Department will continue to work with the Chino Valley Unified School District on this matter as well as to ensure a safe environment for all students to get an education. The teamwork between our two organizations only works due to the helpful, dedicated student population who is willing to report matters of this nature so that proper intervention can be made.

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