Child Abuse Results In Arrest Of Mom and Warrant For Boyfriend

19 January 2017   Officer Vince Schaan
Law Enforcement is seeking Michael Duwayne Trujillo in connection with child abuse charges.

Chino Valley Police Department conducted a joint investigation with the Arizona Department of Child Safety beginning on January 15, 2017. The investigation involves three minor children ranging in ages from 1 year of age up to 7 years of age. 

The investigation resulted in the arrest of 26 year old Chino Valley resident Tiffany Basham on charges including Child Abuse, Endangerment, Disobeying a Judicial Proceeding and Neglect or Abuse of a Minor. In addition an arrest warrant was issued on 44 year old Chino Valley resident Michael Duwayne Trujillo on charges of Child Abuse and Interfering with Judicial Proceedings. 

The investigation indicates Tiffany Basham allowed, permitted and encouraged Michael Duwayne Trujillo to be around the three children. She decided to encourage and allow the contact even though a court order prohibited him from being around the one (1) and (3) year old. She also permitted and encouraged him to be around the children knowing he had previously been arrested for abusing the (3) year old child in 2016; in which he plead guilty to Aggravated Assault and is currently serving probation as part of his plea deal. 

The injuries in this matter were inflicted upon the (7) seven and (1) one year old children, by Michael, with the most heinous injuries being suffered by the (1) year old. The children were removed from the care, custody and control of Tiffany Basham by the Department of Child Safety in conjunction with this investigation and the children are now residing with a responsible caregiver. 

Michael Duwayne Trujillo has not been located at this time by Chino Valley Police and we are seeking assistance from anyone with information as to his whereabouts to arrest him on the Child Abuse and Interfering with Judicial Proceeding warrant.



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