Statement from Sen. Sylvia Allen regarding the New Times article, "Sen . Sylvia Allen Warns the U.S. Will Soon 'Look Like South American Countries ’ ":

Border Agents Rescue 57 Aliens in Record Heat

Border Agents Encounter 57 Aliens in Record Heat 
Watch the entire video in context.

St. Paddy's Day Quiz

Rediscovering America: A St. Paddy’s Day quiz on America’s Immigrant Heritage

Congressman Gosar: "Not in My House."

Not in My House.
The Hassayampa Inn was the location of a quick interview with Martha McSally, candidate for the US Senate.

Opinion: The Third Rail

The United States may be the first nation in history to voluntarily surrender its traditional culture and national identity to other peoples.

DHS Struggles to Hire New Officers

DHS may not have capacity to hire 15,000 officers Trump promised
Immigration Attorneys Say They Are Not Sure Exactly What Will Happen to Immigrants in the U.S. Under a Trump Administration, but That They Are Trying to Encourage Anxious Clients Against Any Rash Actions
New Report Says Immigrants Benefit Economy in Long Run
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