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Sup Douglas: Prescott Listening

Superintendent Douglas to Visit Prescott on “We Are Listening” Tour

Sinkhole Rental

New rental just opened up in San Francisco.

Will EWE Marry Me?


Opinion: Reagan Sets Politics Aside Momentarily for a Good Cause

Michele Reagan lends a hand to a food drive benefitting children at risk.

Art Contest Includes $100 Cash Prize

The winner will receive $100 and their artwork will appear on the new Police Department Hummer.

Social Security Benefits Of Different Flavors

Do you scream for ice cream? If so, July’s the month for you. (If not, read on just the same—we have a surprise for you at the end.)

Yavapai County Northern and Eastern Regions: Lifting Fire Ban

The map designates the area of lifting the fire ban.

Pro Football Players to Coach at Free Football Camp Saturday

Frank Summers of the Buffalo Bills, Kevin Greene of the San Francisco 49ers and former Arizona Cardinal Onrea “OJ” Jones To Coach At Free Football Camp

Monsoon Awareness Week

Monsoon Awareness Week is June 8-13. The monsoon season will officially start on June 15, and run through September 30. Here is information about the Monsoon from the National Weather Service:

Internet Marketers Just Get Sneakier and Sneakier

Be very careful. Read the tiny, tiny print. 
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