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Doug Ducey, the apparent winner of the Republican Primary for Governor, now primes up for the November General Election, after cruising to an easy victory across Arizona.
Politics is a rough and tumble, life-changing, energizing, exhausting sport. Christine Jones gave it all she got, but this time she didn't come out on top. In the process, however, she learned a lot, she met thousands of people and she offered bold ideas.
Work continues through the end of September
Sixty bucks a ballot?
Using a helicopter to harass or hunt wildlife is a federal and state crime. 
“I will continue to make these types of operations a priority for the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office because the goal of protecting our children from sexual predators must continue. I would like to thank all the assisting agencies for their support and participation in the investigation. On behalf of my fellow law enforcement partners, it is my hope these arrests send a message that preying on our children will not be tolerated in this County.” Sheriff Scott Mascher