Representative David Stringer Resigns

Speaker Bowers Accepts Resignation of David Stringer
The Arizona State Bar has dismissed the charge against Representative David Stringer and consider the file to be closed.
Representative David Stringer’s Bar application cannot be located. 
Representative David Stringer was arrested 35 years ago in Maryland. When asked, he responded, "There is no guilty plea, no conviction. I have no record, I have done nothing wrong."
Representative Campbell defends Representative Stringer

RWOP Condemns Representative Stringer's Remarks

On Tuesday, the Republican Women of Prescott issued a statement condemning Representative Stringer’s recent remarks made public by the Phoenix New Times.
Representative David Stringer (LD1) once again made headlines last week.
Watch the entire video in context.
Representative David Stringer Named Chair of Ad Hoc Study Committee on Criminal Justice Reform
Representatives Noel Campbell and David Stringer are sponsoring a series of Town Hall meetings. 
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