Bill's Newscast: Bee Sting Attack in Cottonwood

30 July 2017  
A Cottonwood bee sting attack leaves recovering tree service employees.

APS Customers have had power outages lately. 

APS customers in the Beeplant Road and Creosote Way area in Prescott are expected to be without power from 8 am to 2:30 today.  Crews will be replacing power poles during this time.  From 9 am to 3 pm today, there will be a planned outage on Saguaro and Cholla Drives in Mayer due to equipment maintenance.   

Dewey Humboldt Museum is closing

Saturday was the last day you can visit the Dewey-Humboldt Museum.  According to Town Historical Society President David Nystrom, a lease for the Old Bank Building on Main Street won’t be renewed past August.  Nystrom indicates it appears the property has been sold by Gateway Baptist Church and the new owner isn’t interested in continuing a lease with the Historical Society.  The Society will be seeking short and long term alternatives to the current location.  Back in March, Dewey-Humboldt residents voted against a measure to purchase the property.  The Museum closed its doors at 4.

Bee sting attack

Two tree service employees are recovering after they are stung by bees.  The incident took place at around 9:30 yesterday morning in Cottonwood’s Riverfront Park. Cottonwood Fire Chief Mike Kuykendall says while it wasn’t a large hive, the bees became quite angry. Firefighters used a hose to spray a water and foam solution to help with bee removal.  Kuykendall has some advice for homeowners who come across bees. Kuykendall explains bees don’t always stick around. Riverfront Park is closed to the public until further notice.  Two weeks ago, a man was killed when he apparently disturbed a beehive while operating a backhoe.  The man had been doing road clearing work on Date Creek Road between the communities of Hillside and Congress.  

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