Bill's Daily Roundup: Be Careful When Choosing A Tax Preparer

12 April 2011  
Doing taxes? Choose your preparer with care.

billshysterThe City of Prescott and Fann Contracting have announced the completion of the Zone 39 Phases 2 and 3 Project. City officials note the 2nd phase of this project included 3300 linear feet of 16 inch water main on Country Club Drive from Park Avenue to the new Indian Hill reservoir at Verde Lane, 1300 linear feet of 8 inch PVC sewer main, 12 sewer manholes and roadway pavement construction. The Phase 3 portion included a new 1.33 million gallon welded steel water storage tank, 16 inch water main from Verde Lane to the new reservoir and installation of storm drain. Officials add due to continued work by cell phone companies and safety concerns, pedestrian access through the work zone is still prohibited. This means the access road to the summit of Indian Hill is closed to recreational use.

A traffic stop for suspended license plates has resulted in an arrest on alleged possession and DUI charges. According to a Prescott Police report, an officer observed a pickup truck with suspended plates in the 300 block of Grove Avenue. The driver, who identified himself as 28 year old Robert Folker, explained to the officer he did not have his license on him, nor did he have his insurance or registration because he claimed he had just bought his vehicle. Folker appeared very pale and his pupils were constricted. During a search of his truck, a marijuana pipe was located so Folker was placed under arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia. He also had in his possession 4 Percoset pills, which are a prescription only drug. It was also learned the driver is actually 25 year old Adam Folker, and he gave Robert’s name because Adam’s license is suspended.

The Humboldt Unified School District Board meets at 6 tonight. The Board will hold a closed executive session for the annual evaluation of Superintendent Paul Stanton and discussion on the possible termination of Classified employee Valerie Patterson and an unpaid leave of absence for Certified employee Amie Cobb. The termination and leave of absence will be considered during the open session that will follow the executive session. Both meetings will be held at Glassford Hill Middle School on Panther Path in Prescott Valley.

Also at 6, the Chino Valley Town Council will meet to consider a 1 year lease with the Food Bank through March 31st of next year and the reorganization of Administrative Offices. The meetings will be held in Council chambers on North Highway 89.

A Youth Conservation Corps Summer Program Informational Meeting runs from 6:30 to 7:30 in the Chino Valley High School Cafeteria. The Program is for youth ages 16 to 18. Representatives note applicants are required to attend an informational meeting and one or more parents or a legal guardian should accompany those applicants. Applications will be available at the meeting and may be completed at that time. Completed applications must be received by 4:30 on May 20th at the Yavapai County Education Service Agency at 8501 East Yavapai Road in Prescott Valley or on 1015 Fair Street, Suite 324 in Prescott.

The Prescott City Council will consider steps in the City Manager search at 3 this afternoon. During a workshop last week, a presentation was made on engaging an executive search firm to provide a predetermined number of highly qualified applicants, from which Human Resources could continue with the remaining evaluation and selection steps. If Council agrees to use this hybrid approach, the objective would be to keep the cost of the search firm component under 20 thousand dollars. The search schedule is expected to take between 3 to 5 months to complete and Council will also consider the opening of the position recruitment date during the meeting, which will be held in Council chambers on South Cortez Street.

A comprehensive resource guide for low income residents will be available in Prescott. According to City Management Analyst Joe Brehm, development of the guide was a result of identifying a need within the community and after Mayor Marlin Kuylendall met with community stakeholders, it was determined a resource booklet for residents in need would be a helpful first step. Brehm adds that Margaret Garvey from Americorps offered volunteer assistance for the project. Brehm then teamed up with Americorps member Kent Kramer to design and publish the booklet, which will be distributed in a special ceremony at City Hall at 10 tomorrow morning. From there, 1500 laminated pocket sized pamphlets will be distributed to local non profit agencies, first responders and park rangers in hopes they’ll pass the pamphlets along to low income people they meet while performing their duties.

With less than a week to go until the tax filing deadline, those who are scrambling to find a tax preparer should use caution. Mary Hawkes, Director of the Yavapai County Better Business Bureau office suggests those who are searching for a first time preparer should ask friends and neighbors for references for a company they have used. Hawkes says there are some things people should keep in mind, and especially be aware of the Refund Loan:

The Bureau is recommending people take the time to double check all information, particularly Social Security numbers and math calculations, as these are the most common errors made on returns. Anyone who runs into a problem can go online to irs.gov or they can call IRS representatives toll free at 1-800-829-1040. This year’s deadline has been extended from Friday, April 15th to Monday, April 18th.

The Prescott Municipal Property Corporation meets at 11 this morning at the City Manager’s Conference room at City Hall on South Cortez Street. The Corporation will consider a resolution authorizing the issuance of 10 million dollars in bonds for the purpose of financing certain City projects and delegating the Budget and Finance Director to authorize the determination of various terms with respect to the Bonds and their sale.

Lynne LaMaster