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Bill's Newscast: Prescott Valley Flood Studies

21 May 2018  
Yellow Ribbons for those that serve.

School on schedule

The last day of school in the Humboldt Unified School District will still be this Thursday.  The District closed all its schools in late April due to the statewide teacher walk-out.  Officials had been in contact with the Department of Education and legal counsel regarding the school calendar and options to not add days to the school calendar.   According to Superintendent Daniel Streeter, that calendar isn’t changing due to the week-long school closures.  Since days won’t need to be added, Thursday’s last day of school will be a 2 hour early release.  However, there won’t be a 1 hour early release on Wednesday.  Bradshaw Mountain High School students are taking their final exams Wednesday and Thursday.  An awards ceremony that celebrates scholarship offers to this year’s graduates is scheduled for 7 tomorrow night in the Glassford Hill Middle School Auditorium on Panther Path.  Graduation ceremonies are scheduled for 7 Thursday night at the Prescott Valley Event Center.  

Yellow ribbons to recognize and support residents serving in the military.

The Town of Chino Valley has found a new way to recognize and support residents who are currently serving in the military.  A yellow ribbon in recognition of each deployed individual will be displayed on a tree at Town Hall.  The program is open to Town Council members and their families, Town employees, their spouses or close family members and residents serving active duty in the military, the Reserves or National Guard and are currently deployed.  Application forms are available at Chino Valley Town Hall, the Senior Center, Library and Human Resources facility.  They are also available at  The yellow ribbon for a particular individual will be on display for 6 months.  Ribbons will then be removed and stored for 1 year.

Heroin arrest

More than 4 grams of heroin have been taken off the streets thanks to the Cottonwood Police Department.  Last Tuesday, officers arrested 28 year old Cottonwood resident Stefan Dusan for a felony probation violation warrant out of Maricopa County, as well as a local misdemeanor warrant.  Dusan had in his possession 4.6 grams of heroin packaged separately, bindles and drug paraphernalia.  The street value of the heroin is 500 dollars.  Dusan is in the Yavapai County Jail on possession charges.  Cottonwood Police say per state law, a gram of heroin is the threshold to establish a sales case.  


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