Bill's Newscast: Budgets, Delays and Blasting

02 July 2018   Lynne LaMaster
PV finishes their budget, road construction on highways and blasting in Cottonwood.

PV finalizes their budget

The Town of Prescott Valley has finished up the Fiscal Year 2019 Budget process. Thursday night the Town Council gave final adoption to the 2019 budget, which totals more than 100 million dollars.  That’s up from the current Fiscal Year’s amount of nearly 94 million dollars. Town Manager Larry Tarkowski says it takes some time to get to final adoption:   

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Hifghway delays on I-17 and SR 89

Watch for delays on I-17 and Highway 89 due to construction.  ADOT has scheduled guardrail repairs during overnight and early morning hours today and tomorrow.  Southbound I-17 will be narrowed to 1 lane near Table Mesa Road from 7 tonight to midnight tomorrow.  Northbound I-17 will be narrowed to 1 lane in that same area from midnight to 5 tomorrow morning.  Meanwhile, Highway 89 in Prescott between Deep Well Ranch Road and Highway 89A will have ongoing lane restrictions.  Contractors are widening the current 2 lane roadway to a 4 lane divided highway with a raised center median.  The project includes a new roundabout at Perkins Drive, additional widening under the 89A overpass and new sidewalks.  Construction is scheduled to occur through next June.  

Blasting in Cottonwood

It’sd not even the 4th of July yet, but some Cottonwood residents have already dealt with loud blasting noises.  Residents had raised concerns over an explosion and vibrations Thursday morning.  It was actually planned lasting at the slag pile on South Mingus Avenue.  This operation was conducted by a licensed blasting contractor working for minerals research, the company processing the slag for use in various products.  City of Cottonwood officials say they have been in contact with Minerals Research regarding the incident and were advised it was a test blast.  The contractor had placed seismographic monitors around the site and the results have shown the intensity levels of the blast remained well below the legally permissible limits.  City officials have been assured by minerals research that any additional blasting will be accompanied by prior public notifications to avoid confusion in the future.  No further blasting is expected for several months.  


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