First Group from NAU to Study Abroad in Cuba
If you ever wanted to be on the ground floor of something big, like an up-and-coming band, good stock tip, or the next best seller, Friday night, April 8th is your chance. 
New Airline Quality Ratings Released by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott
This Petition Calls for a New Vote in Arizona’s Presidential Preference Election
7th Annual Native and Wild Trout Conference on April 21
Arizona Has Been in a Drought Since 1999
Furious Protesters Ask for a Re-Vote of the Presidential Preference Election at Crowded Legislative Hearing
Arizona Diamondbacks May be Set to Shake Things Up This Year
From BB guns and .22 Rifles, to Shotguns and Bows, Hands-on Fun Awaits
Despite Being Focused on Arizona, Many of the Signatures Appeared to Come from Residents of Other States
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