Representative Paul Gosar: Well Respected by Many Organizations

10 October 2018   Sponsored by Paul Gosar for Congress
Representative Paul Gosar has earned the respect of many organizations. 

He has a 100% rating from the NRA to the National Right to Life. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has given him the Spirit of Enterprise Award for 7 years in a row. Frankly, the list is long and impressive. 

It’s not unanimous, of course. The ACLU is not a big fan, neither is MoveOn.org. Members of his family are not always in agreement with Gosar’s stand on the issues. Statewide publications have enjoyed attacking him for years. 

But, there is only one group that has a say in whether or not Representative Gosar continues to represent Congressional District 4. That’s the voters. 

Gosar was first elected into office in 2010, defeating incumbent Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick by 25% in Yavapai County. In 2012, Gosar had primary and general election opponents. No problem, he sailed through by more than a 2:1 margin in both the primary and general elections. As a matter of fact, he has never had less than a 2:1 margin since winning his very first primary election. This year, in 2018, Representative Gosar received more votes in D4 in the Primary election than any other Representative in Arizona. 

Gosar is very appreciative of the organizations that have recognized his efforts and support of important issues. He is not deterred by his detractors. But, Congressman Gosar is the most proud of the confidence and support that the voters in CD4 offer every year at the ballot box. 

“I’ve kept my word," Representative Gosar said. "I told Americans, and Arizonans, that I believe in and I would fight for our Constitution.  And I did. That I believe in our great nation.  That the federal government was hurting us, not helping, and that I would change that.  After 8 nightmare years of Obama, of his daily efforts to crush our spirit and divide us, I am proud to work with President Trump every day to make our nation great again. Obama did so much harm to our country but you can already see the turn around in just 2 years.  Let’s keep up the fight together.  Thank you for your vote.”


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