Lynne LaMaster

Lynne LaMaster

Lynne LaMaster is the Founder and Editor of the eNewsAZ Network of websites. She asks a lot of questions! In her spare time, she loves photography, cooking and hanging out with her family.
Mulvaney speaks about the financial condition of the United States.
Assessor Pearsall has attended the trial every day since it began on December 5.
Here is your opportunity to have input on the next Prescott Justice of the Peace.

National Poinsettia Day

It’s December 12, and that means it’s National Poinsettia Day!

Gas Prices Reach Plateau

Gas prices in Arizona fall 1.1¢ per gallon.
Probably the busiest time of the year in Prescott is the Christmas season, and it starts now!
Anyone who loves Christmas light displays needs to head to the Gateway Mall in Prescott the day after Thanksgiving. 

Winners and Losers in the Battle for Black Friday

How much money will shoppers spend on Black Friday?
Looking for amazing deals? Black Friday just may be the day to find them.
According to Yavapai County Recorder Leslie Hoffman, all the ballots are counted and the results are unofficially in.