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Cougars Stomp on the Red Rock Scorpions

03 October 2010   Matt Santos
Chino Valley Football and Homecoming - both a rousing success!

cougarsThe Sedona Red Rock Scorpions were, well, rocked on Friday night facing the Chino Valley Cougars. Playing in Chino Valley, it was also the night of the Homecoming celebration.

Seriously, it was pretty much all Cougars during the game, scoring twice in the first quarter, twice more in the second quarter, twice more in the third quarter and one more time in the fourth. The Scorpions didn't get on the scoreboard until the third quarter, when they managed to squeeze in 6 points.

Final score: Cougars 46, Scorpions 6

During Homecoming celebrations, Kylie Davis was crowned Homecoming Queen, and Andy Adams was crowned King.

(Editor's note: Our reporter was unable to catch the names of the rest of the Homecoming court. If any of our readers can provide that information, please do so in the comment section below. We do apologize in the meantime, we should have them by Monday afternoon.)

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